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The Statement

Our Vision

To be the leading consulting company, focused on leveraging technology to add value for all.

Our Mission

To serve our clients through deploying business solutions that address challenges.

Our Values

* Mutually-Beneficial Relationships
* Commitment and Accountability
* Excellence in All We Do

Brand Logo

Color Codes & Logo Usage

Special Blue Tint

CMYK: C-100, M-90, Y-30, K-30
RGB: R-27 G-44, B-93
Hex: #1b2c5d
Pantone: 534C

Logo should not be altered in any way, causing it to lose its integrity by stretching or presenting it in a way that is not harmonious with the rest of the brand’s voice.

Clearance Area: There should be sufficient clear space around the logo to let it breath and prevent it’s clarity and visual impact from being obstructed.

Sizing: Logo should be sized in a way that it is readable, the right elements are emphasized, and should not feel unsteady. Logo should be legible at every size, consistent across & effective. 

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Brand Presence

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